Working at The Whiting

Working at The Whiting invites teachers to bring their students for an interactive discussion with members of The Whiting staff about career pathways. Students will have the opportunity to discover the “behind the scenes” careers that are involved in everyday activities that make a theater run.

Staff Positions include:

  • Executive Director of The Whiting and Capitol Theatre
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Front of House Manager
  • Education and Community Engagement Manager
  • Marketing and Media Relations Manager
  • Rentals and Artists Services Coordinator
  • House Carpenter
  • House Electrician
  • Director of Development

Student Objectives:

  • Identify employability skills
  • Identify career interaction in the workplace
  • Identify new career pathways
  • Apply the curriculum to real life situations
  • Ascertain the various paths to a career in the performing arts

Each session is approximately 60 minutes, 30 minutes of discussion and a 30 minute behind the scenes tour of The Whiting.