FIM is committed to providing you with a safeand enjoyable performance experience. The healthand safety of our patrons, artists and staff is alwaysour top priority. Please familiarize yourself with ourpolicies and protocols prior to attending your show,and contact us in advance with questions or requests.

Health & Safety

All Flint Institute of Music (FIM) buildings (James H. Whiting Auditorium,Capitol Theatre, William S. and Claire M. White Center (Elgood Theatre)and the J. Dallas Dort Building) are open to the public. As of this printing,all mask and testing mandates have been lifted unless the organization iscontractually obligated.

FIM continues to follow the guidance of state and local public health and safetyofficials and strictly adheres to the safety and prevention protocols required bylaw. Should new restrictions or contractual obligations be necessary, FIM willinform its patrons of updated policies via email, the website and social media.By purchasing a ticket, you are acknowledging and agreeing to adhere to thepolicies and protocols of FIM.

FIM has installed upgraded Dynamic air filtration systems in all buildings. FIM also continues to regularly clean and disinfect all common areas using an EPA-approved disinfectant, with special attention paid to frequently touchedsurfaces (i.e. handrails, doors, counters and chair arms).

Please keep yourself and others safe. If you arefeeling ill, please remain home. FIM’s COVID refundpolicy remains in effect. Contact the Ticket Centerto discuss your options for exchanges, accountcredits or refunds